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We develop online stores that open up new sales channels and improve customer retention.

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Why Sell Online

Market Potential

It’s impossible for everyone in the U.S. to attend your physical showroom. With an online store, you open up your inventory for anyone to browse.

Customer Convenience

Selling online is more convenient for your customers. They can shop from their home and at any hour of the day.

Low Overhead

Depending on your business model, you can get started in ecommerce with relatively little investment. Avoid the pitfalls of traditional retail by working smarter!

Shopify Ecommerce

Shopify Design & DevelopmentShopify Experts

Why Shopify?

The purpose of a Shopify design & development project is to build a platform that is easy to use, with less time spent on managing technology. In building an effective online store, we are looking to avoid many of the routine and costly tasks of an enterprise-level platform such as dealing with platform and server security, overcoming issues with extensions and integrations, and keeping the software up-to-date.

Shopify provides a simple to manage solution that takes care of the following important aspects of running an eCommerce business off your shoulders:

  1. Up-To-Date Software
  2. PCI Compliance
  3. Performance Optimization (images, CDN, etc.)
  4. Carrier Calculated Shipping
  5. Payment Gateway
  6. Payment Processor
  7. Checkout Page Security
  8. Web Hosting
  9. SSL Certificate
  10. Mobile-Friendly Experience
  11. Improved Reporting
  12. Customer Service

Moving to Shopify is a great improvement in technology for a modest budget. Incorporating and managing this technology can be a costly expense on enterprise-level platforms like Magento, but in Shopify these features are included in your plan.

Other Ecommerce Services

Product Page Optimization

Using images and descriptions, product page optimization allows ecommerce stores to have their products found by desired audiences through search engines. By optimizing product pages, relevant inventory is placed right into the laps of the consumer.

Product Videos

Product videos help to increase conversion, as they simultaneously build customer trust. With a product video, an interested customer can receive a comprehensive view of items they may be interested in, thereby leading to confident purchases.

Product Listing Ads

Product listing ads combine an image, title, business name, and price into a useful ad, without the need to create individual ads for each product being sold. These ads are used to show relevant products that consumers may be interested in after entering keywords into a Google search.

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