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More than just a beautiful design, our websites are built for turning visitors into customers.

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What We Do

Custom Web Design

A custom design can give your website the personal touch that your competition doesn’t have with their basic templates. It also lets you plan out what the user experience and interface should be from the ground up. Custom web design includes graphics, colors, and layouts that match your brand and goals.

WordPress Consulting

Many companies build a WordPress website with another company and are left hanging with limited options. Our WordPress consultants can help you maintain your site, incorporate custom features and functionality, and do what you never thought possible. We can even take your current static website and turn it into a responsive, WordPress site.

Ecommerce Design

Constantly improving your ecommerce website design can improve conversion, as well as allow customers to navigate your store easier. As new design styles become popular, we can keep your store modern to showcase your products in the best light. Our designers and developers can redesign your entire online store or improve sections of your current site.


It takes more than a talented artist to create an outstanding website design in today’s competitive business environment. A successful web design agency requires the exceptional skills of a developer, graphic designer, copywriter, and marketer. Our team is made up of the best of these worlds, and we are here to help you reach your goals. At Cavallo Agency, we are confident in our team’s ability to create the next masterpiece of modern day advertising: beautiful, interactive, and effective website designed to drive sales for your company.

We offer unique services for website design. From responsive design to WordPress consulting we have many opportunities to meet all your design needs. Our custom web design services are beneficial for your business, allowing you to portray your business through a design that fits your brand accurately.

Responsive Design

With a responsive design, your website can be viewed in equal vibrancy and function no matter the device. From wide screen monitors to mobile phones, the quality of design will always remain consistent.

Custom Design

Custom designs let us build in a limitless, no-holds-barred environment. Our designers can create something unique without the constraints of a template, imagining a new user experience that stands out from the sea of conformity.

Content Management

With access to the WordPress content management system, the power to update and edit your website is in your hands. From custom features to content updates, you will always have the benefit of total content control.

Lead Capture

Effective lead generation allows you to turn your interested visitors into prospective new business leads. With lead capture, your visitors can get in contact with you regarding services, products, or additional information.

Custom Copywriting

Custom copy lets your company communicate fresh ideas to your audience. With a focus on readability, and originality, and SEO, the content viewed on your website acts as an accurate representation of your unique brand.

Search Optimization

Search engine optimization allows your website to be found by those who you wish to see it. By attracting the right audiences through search engines, a website steadily grows to become the business owner’s most profitable tool.

Scalable Technology

Scalable technology is essential for growth, and our custom websites can increase in versatility as your needs become more demanding. Beginning with a simple brochure website, we can always add more complex features.

Security & Backups

Hacking and security breaches are an unfortunate reality in today’s tech savvy world, but the proper security lessens this possibility significantly. With thorough security and backups in place, we achieve a safer and more confident web experience.

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